Challenge summary

Summary: Reflecting on the process
1 – 2 hours
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In this course, you learned that using the work of others can be very helpful to support your arguments and make them more credible in the eyes of your readers. You learned about techniques and tools to identify the sources you need and how to find them. Finally, you learned about the intricacies of integrating sources into your writing including how to apply the requirements of two citation styles: APA and MLA.

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Stimulus resources

  1. An essay you’ve written or someone else’s essay you want to format as a research paper.
  2. Lessons learned about the benefits of using the work of others to support your arguments and the importance of doing it correctly.
  3. Knowledge acquired through your readings in this learning pathway.
  4. Knowledge acquired through your reading of Section 13.1 from the Writing for success course.



Now that you have learned a lot more about citations, referencing, and plagiarism, it’s time to put it all together and reflect on the process. The purpose of this learning challenge is to:

  • Help you learn how to format an essay from beginning to end.
  • Help you reflect on the benefits of learning to use the work of others correctly in your work.
  • Help you adopt good habits for the future.