Learning output actions

Prepare a blog post where you will share your answers to the exercises below.

Select a topic from the following:

  1. What impact has Canada’s immigration policy had on its foreign relations?
  2. Discuss factors that have contributed to climate change.
  3. Explain how technology has now become an integral part of people’s lives.

Follow these steps to find appropriate sources:

  1. Identify search terms. Remember that search terms are key words that best describe the main ideas of your topic. They should include any abbreviations, synonyms or related terms that allow you to widen your search.
  2. Using some of the techniques you learned in your reading, start searching for appropriate sources online. You should identify no less than 3 sources, which would be suitable to include in an academic essay. The sources should be varied enough to offer sufficient evidence on your topic.
  3. Evaluate the sources you find. Remember to follow the rules you learned during the microblog activity.

Remember to tag (WordPress) or label (Blogger) your blog post using the course tag: Making your arguments more credible/enga103/tag

Note that you can also record your reflections in a written journal, if you prefer, but sharing your insights with your classmates means that you can trigger a discussion that may lead to a deeper understanding as we can all benefit from each other’s experience.

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