Challenge summary

Summary: Reflecting on the process
1 – 2 hours
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There’s a vast variety of credible sources out there. The goal is to find the ones that are the most appropriate for your topic. For example, a quote from American basketball legend Michael Jordan would be very useful to support an argument about professional sports but would be much less so to shore up your claims about the giant tortoises in the Galapagos.

Start here

web resources

Stimulus resources

  1. Take home message from the video signpost.
  2. Notes taken during the microblog activity.
  3. Knowledge acquired through your reading of the Searching for information section on the Otago Polytechnic Learning support web site.



Now that you have learned a lot more about what constitutes a proper source and know how to use certain tools to find them, it’s time to test your understanding. The purpose of this learning challenge is to:

  • Help you test your knowledge about what is and is not a credible or academically suitable source.
  • Help you practice finding these sources.
  • Help you learn to offer balanced support for your claims.