Learning output actions

Now that you know a lot more about citing and referencing, as well as plagiarism, prepare a blog post where you will share your answers to the exercises below.

Consider these two statements about technology:

  • Technology should be a part of the curriculum at all levels of education from kindergarten to university.
  • When technology is introduced at a young age, it reduces a child’s capacity to imagine and narrows down their sense of creativity.

Complete these exercises:

  1. Do you think the information provided in these statements should be considered common knowledge or should be supported by evidence? Explain why using the concepts you learned in this learning pathway.
  2. Find a source online to support the statement you most agree with. Copy a paragraph from that source then 1. paraphrase it; 2. summarize it; and write a paragraph within which you insert the quote directly.
  3. Review your knowledge of citing to ensure that you cite your source accurately in all the examples.
  4. Review your knowledge of plagiarism to ensure that you have avoided it in all of your citations.

Remember to tag (WordPress) or label (Blogger) your blog post using the course tag: Making your arguments more credible/enga103/tag

Note that you can also record your reflections in a written journal, if you prefer, but sharing your insights with your classmates means that you can trigger a discussion that may lead to a deeper understanding as we can all benefit from each other’s experience.

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