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Summary: Reflecting on the process
1 – 2 hours
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If you have to write an article for a scientific journal about the possible causes of asthma, would you cite the words of a character afflicted with the condition in your favourite novel? Probably not. That’s because you know this type of evidence would be frowned upon and judged unscientific by an academic journal. Knowing which type of evidence is appropriate in which writing situation is essential to the writing process.

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Stimulus resources

  1. Take home message from the video signpost.
  2. Knowledge acquired during the matching activity.
  3. Knowledge acquired through your reading.



Now that you have learned a lot more about using the work of others, it’s time to apply your knowledge about the different types evidence. The purpose of this learning challenge is to:

  • Help you test your knowledge about each type of evidence.
  • Help you identify what each type is best suited for.
  • Help you practice finding and applying these sources.