1. Select an issue where a company failed in its ethical, moral, and/or legal obligations.
    • Either do a web search or choose one from the case study resource you contributed to earlier.
  2. Consider these questions:
    1. In what way did the business fail in its ethical, moral, and/or legal obligations?
    2. Was it a failure of ethics, morals, or the law, or was it a combination of these?
    3. What did the company do about it?
    4. How could this failure have been avoided?
    5. Could the response of the company have been better? How?
    6. Have other companies learnt from the issue at the company and improved their position, or is this an ongoing issue at other companies? If it is a widespread problem, how could this be resolved?
  3. Reflect on how your answers could help someone who is setting up their own small business.