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Which form of business ownership will be right for you and your business?

There are a number of factors which affect how you would answer this question. The following readings help you identify these.


Required reading

Read the following texts:

  1. Choosing a Business Ownership Model[1]
  2. Exploring Business: Section 4.1: Factors to Consider[2]

Thinking about the business idea you generated in Becoming an Entrepreneur (IENT101), or another idea if you prefer:

  • Review the eight questions identified in the “Factors to Consider” readingto help in choosing the appropriate legal form of your business.
  • Rate each of the questions using this scale: [1] not at all important; [2] not very important; [3] somewhat important; [4] very important; [5] extremely important.
  • In your learning journal blog, select the two questions that are most important to you and the two questions that are least important to you, and explain your responses to these four questions.
  1. Remember to tag or label your post using the course code: IENT102 (This is needed to harvest a link to your blog post in the course feed.)

  1. VUSSL: The Business Environment
  2. Saylor Academy: Course BUS101 – Introduction to Business