Role of the project manager is a free Open Online Course designed for students who want to gain knowledge of the different roles in project management, how to manage stakeholders and lead teams.

This course will help you to:

  1. Identify the skills required to become a successful project manager
  2. Recognise the base knowledge requirements for project managers
  3. Distinguish the different phases that projects progress through
  4. Realise the significance of stakeholders for project management
  5. Understand the requirements of effective team leadership


Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this micro-course, you will be able to:

  1. Determine the role of a project manager and the requisite skill requirements
  2. Define and describe key knowledge areas and phases of project management
  3. Identify stakeholders and their impact
  4. Describe practices of effective team leadership
  5. identity opportunities to improve your contribution role to positive team engagement.
  6. analyse the application of Project Management theory to a specific project