This page provides a list of challenges for each learning pathway. We distinguish between the following types of challenges:

  • Practice or setup challenges: These are activities which provide learners to practice using components of the OERu component-based technology platform.
  • Mini challenges: These are activities embedded in the learning pathways designed as building blocks to help learners achieve the learning outcomes.
  • Learning challenges: These are substantive activities offered at the end of each learning pathway where learners produce outputs to demonstrate what they have learned.


Title Type
Toot using hashtag (Social media) Practice
Spot poll (Forums site) Practice
Annotation plus tag (Annotation) Practice
Create bookmarks account (Resource bank) Setup
Establish learning journal (Blog) Setup

Project management in context

Title Type
Project management experience (Spot poll) Mini challenge
History and future of project management (Forum) Mini challenge
Job advertisement (Blog) Challenge

Describing project management

Title Type
Project methodologies (Annotation) Mini challenge
Project methodologies (Forum) Mini challenge
Mind map challenge (Blog) Challenge

Stakeholder management

Title Type
Internal and external stakeholders (Forum) Mini challenge
Stakeholder dynamics (Forum) Mini challenge
Innovative product ideas (Resource bank) Mini challenge
Stakeholder identification for new product launch (Blog) Challenge

Leading effective teams

Title Type
Leading effective teams (Resource bank) Mini challenge
Team building challenge (Blog) Challenge