Change ahead

Despite your best efforts, it is unlikely that your plan and the implementation will fit perfectly together. At any time, the environment, progress, or even resources may change. This is one of the key reasons for implementing progress measurement discussed in the previous learning pathway. Once a project manager identifies that something is not occurring as planned, they need to make a decision about what to do. However, any changes to the project plan cannot be made in an ad hoc manner. As with all other aspects of the project, the intention to change requirements and /or deadlines should follow a procedure. This is called ‘Change control’.


Change control

Read the section Change control in the prescribed textbook (Web | PDF), Chapter 17 (pages 150 and 151 in the PDF version).


Introducing Change Control

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  • Explain in your own words why it is important to document any changes to the plan.
  • Who needs to be informed of these changes?
  • Where should changes be recorded and archived?


  • Identify three different examples of things that might initiate change in a project.
  • Describe an appropriate process for change control for a project.

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