Once your project has commenced, it is likely that you need to consider progress and changes that may occur from the original plan.

Your task is to complete two (2) elements necessary in the implementation phase:

  • An implementation document that includes progress measurement and response to deviation, and
  • A change control document

Consider an element of your project that needs to be completed before another element can be started e.g when building a bathroom the plumbing needs to be installed before the walls and floors can be covered.If you completed IPM103 Planning a Project you could use the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Gantt charts you prepared to identify an appropriate task to track and monitor, but this is not necessary.

Explain how you might measure progress towards the goal you have identified, and describe what you would do if progress is not in line with your original plan.
Create and complete a change control template for your project because the element you identified above will not be completed as originally forecast. You can source a template online, or develop your own.

Marking Rubric

Use the rubric below to work out if you have done a good job. This is the same rubric that will be used to mark your assessment if you choose to be formally assessed.

Implementation document

Criteria Marks
The task / element to be monitored is appropriate.
A clear timeline is identified for the task activities with at least 2 ‘in progress’ measures as well as a completion date
The identified metric is appropriate.
Criteria and related corrective action to be undertaken is clear, and the responsibility for taking action is identified.
The logic for selection of monitored activity is not explicit
Only a single in progress measure is included
Criteria and related corrective action to be undertaken is unclear, and the responsibility for taking action is not identified
The monitored activity has no contingency (is not connected to another activity
Progress measure is not incorporated or scheduled
Criteria and related corrective action to be undertaken not included, and/ or no responsibility identified

Change control document

Criteria Marks
A change control process and document is provided.
Clear responsibility for completion of change control process is identified.
The implication of the required change is identified
An appropriate authority for approval is named.
A timetable for new completion (and monitoring) is included.
Change control document completed, however process not explicit
Responsibility for change control process is not clear.
No coherent discussion of implication of the required change.
Incorrect level of authority for approval is named.
The timetable for new completion (and monitoring) included is incomplete / incorrect.
Insufficient Change control document and process.
No responsibility identified.
Implication of the change not discussed.
No authority for approval identified.
No timetable or monitoring included.