In this learning pathway, we will explore the cultural construct that we call intelligence. Cognitive psychologists didn’t invent memory, they just figured out how to measure it and describe its characteristics. In comparison, researchers – based in part on societal expectations – have invented the concept of intelligence, as well as different ways of measuring it. As you move through this learning pathway, make note of the interactions between the concept of intelligence and various political motivations.



Dr. Dukewich provides a brief orientation to this learning pathway on intelligence.

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Kwantlen Polytechnic University.


Pathway Learning Outcomes

By the end of this learning pathway you should be able to:

  • Define intelligence
  • Summarize the different intelligence theories
  • Define emotional intelligence and creativity
  • Describe the history of the use of IQ tests
  • Describe the purposes and benefits of intelligence testing
  • Explain the different variables that contribute to and influence IQ scores
  • Describe the difference between a learning disability and a developmental disorder