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The questions which follow provide a basic knowledge test of selected concepts covered in this learning pathway: Marketing products and services.

The questions published at the end of each learning pathway are re-used for the knowledge test for learners interested in earning a digital badge or certificate of participation for the Core foundations of successful marketing (PKMT101) micro-course. Please consult the Certify participation page for more information.


True - false questions

Indicate whether the following statements are true or false:

  • Marketing is only conducted by for-profit companies.
    • True
      • Incorrect. All organizations utilize marketing to communicate value to their customers – including for profit, nonprofit, government, academia and more.
    • False
      • Correct. Marketing is conducted by all organizations wishing to communicate value to their customers or stakeholders.
  • Metrics are important because they measure results.
    • True
      • Correct. Metrics are measures that indicate the performance of a marketing campaign. These can include quantitative measures such as number of web visits, sales volume or increases in revenue. Qualitative measures include why a consumer purchased a product / service at a given time compared with an alternative, or how the purchase was made.
    • False
      • Incorrect. Metrics are used by different organizations to ensure that their marketing plans and campaigns are on-track and delivering results. Metrics are a valuable form of feedback, that can be used to inform future market activities, and prompt changes to current activities.
  • Profit is part of the marketing mix, also know as the “four P’s”.
    • True
      • Incorrect. The 4Ps are: product, price, place and promotion.
    • False
      • Correct. While profit is a desired outcome, it is not part of the 4Ps.
  • Advertising and sales are included in Promotion, part of the “four P’s”.
    • True
      • Correct. Advertising, sales (direct, indirect) and e-commerce are all part of an organization’s marketing mix.
    • False
      • Incorrect. Advertising and sales are an important part of the marketing mix, as they allow a company to take control of the effort to educate and reach customers.


Multiple choice questions

  • Which of the following is the best definition of marketing?
    • Marketing is about selling the right products and services to customers
      • Not exactly – although matching products to customer needs and selling to them are some of marketing’s functions.
    • Marketing is about making a profit from providing products or services to customers or organisations
      • Not really – as marketing is also about non-profit services like those non-profit and government organisations provide.
    • Marketing is about providing value to consumers
      • Correct – when we use the term value, we mean the benefits buyers receive that meet their needs.
  • Which of the following is correct?
    • Television was an important form of distribution and educating customers
      • Correct – television was a very important element of mass media to reach many people cost-effectively. Currently, it is being overtaken by other forms of (digital) media.
    • Television is a communication not distribution channel
      • Incorrect – television, as a mass media communications approach, has distributed products and educated consumers about the benefits and features of products and services.
    • Television is part of the marketing mix
      • Not really – you must be thinking of the promotional mix that television can be part of as a media.
  • Which of the following is correct?
    • Spreading the essential message to successfully market products and services is part of pricing
      • Not exactly – it is part of promotion.
    • Spreading the essential message to successfully market products and services is part of promotion
      • Correct – a key part of promotion is to communicate and spread the essential message and reach target customers.
    • Spreading the essential message to successfully market products and services is an important function of distribution
      • No – it is an important function of promotion.
  • Which statement best describes value?
    • Value is the benefits buyers receive that meet their needs
      • Correct – In other words, value is what the customer gets by purchasing and consuming a company’s offering.
    • Value is the profit a company makes from selling products and services
      • Incorrect – although the offering is created by the company, the value is determined by the customer.
    • Value is the difference between the price a customer pays and the cost to the company to produce the product
      • No – that is the profit the company makes.