1. In your Learning Journal Blog, share your thoughts, reflections and direct experience about marketing, using the following questions to guide you:
    • Consider the role that marketing plays – Is it important? Why / Why not?
    • How can organizations use an effective understanding of marketing to increase awareness and promote their products and services?
    • Is marketing of products different than marketing of services and in what way? Explain.
    • How does marketing differ now vs. 20 years ago with the advent of digital marketing and social media and networks? Does this create new challenges / opportunities? Explain.
    • How might marketing differ depending on location, for example between a developed country and a developing country? Does it depend on the product or service, or culture or resources of the organization? Explain.
  2. Identify two blogs from the list of marketing blogs provided on the previous page (or find them yourself with an internet search OR, you can find a company you are interested in, and check out their blog.)
    • Review the two marketing blogs you have identified and share your thoughts about what makes them effective (or not effective).
    • Reference the blogs you have identified by providing a link to their web-pages.
  3. Respond constructively to at least two of your peers / colleagues who have made blog posts. Look in the Course Feed to find their post.