The four Ps of the marketing mix

Watch this video, which summarizes the fundamentals of marketing terminology and practices.
Many of these terms and concepts are deeply rooted in the foundations and traditions of marketing. Pay close attention to the key concepts of “The Four Ps” of the marketing mix – essential to help identify the target audiences, the methods and tactics to reach them. (If desired, you can also read the PDF transcript here).

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

Now think about something you bought recently. Choose one of the 4 Ps and tell us in a WEnote why you bought it. Then look in the course feed to see what others posted.

For example:

  • I recently bought a HP Pavilion laptop. Product: The specification was good. It had good reviews.
  • Nissan Pulsar. Price: They had a great offer on at the dealership.
  • Wine. Place: My local supermarket had it on display by the door.
  • Holiday. Promotion: That TV advert caught my eye.

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