Learning outcome actions

  1. Publish a post in your Learning Journal Blog sharing your ideas and rationale for the optimal marketing mix for the Hamster Wheel Standing Desk.
  2. Your blog post must include:
    • A rationale for each element of the Marketing Mix (4Ps):
      • Product – 200-300 words
      • Price – 200-300 words
      • Promotion – 200-300 words
      • Place – 200-300 words
    • At least one link to an external website (for example, a resource you found useful)
    • Optional: To make this Learning Challenge more authentic and to develop your skills further, you could choose a specific budget amount for your marketing efforts and develop a marketing mix that is tailored to this budget. This will mirror the situation in the ‘real world’, where there are limited resources to accomplish marketing objectives. It will also help you to be more creative and resourceful. In your blog post, explain how the budget influenced the choices you made for the marketing mix.
  3. Provide substantive, relevant comments on two (2) of your course peers’ / colleagues’ blog posts. A substantive comment is at least four sentences that evidence your knowledge and experience in relation to another person’s post.

Tag your post

  • Remember to tag or label your post using the course code: PMKT101. (This is needed to harvest a link to your blog post in the course feed.)