Research starts with questions
The most successful research starts with a single question or series of questions, which help define the scope of your research, as well as provides a context for marketing your particular product or service. For example, consider the following questions. How do you define your target audience? Are you planning a domestic or global reach? Who are your competitors? What is the long-term outlook? Research can be very time-consuming and expensive, so the more research you can do on your own, the quicker and cheaper your plans may come together. It takes a special mindset to enjoy conducting research—an explorer’s sense of adventure into a vast wilderness of data. If you can master basic research skills, you may considerably multiply your worth to an employer or project.

—Steven R. Van Hook


Research questions

  1. Read this article which discusses marketing research questions.
  2. Post a WEnote about why researching customer needs and preferences is useful in a successful market strategy.

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