Opium poppy flower

Imperialism had profound impacts across the globe. In this learning pathway we will continue to explore these impacts on different continents. Africa, already vulnerable from the effects of the slave trade, was rapidly colonized by the technologically superior European powers. Technology also gave European powers a strong advantage in Asia. The Qing Dynasty in China was weakened and destabilized by European encroachment; in Japan leaders sought to emulate European powers through building their own empire. Rebellions and mutinies in China and India demonstrate the resistance of indigenous populations to new imperialism. In Latin America, economic imperialism dominated. All around the globe, imperialism and modernization changed the way people lived their lives.

During this learning pathway you will watch one video lecture, complete several readings, examine an interactive map and analyze one primary source document.



  • Compare how European imperialism impacted states and peoples in Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Explore the impact of resistance to imperialism
  • Reflect on the modernizing influence of imperialism