The objectives of this session are to:

  1. Reflect on progress of the implementation of the OERu during 2015 – our “consolidation” year
  2. Situate the OERu implementation within the context of maturity model phases of
    • Initial / Aware: (chaotic, ad hoc, individual heroics) – the starting point for use of a new or undocumented open project.
    • Repeatable: openness is at least documented sufficiently such that repeating the same steps toward openness may be attempted.
    • Managed: openness is quantitatively managed in accordance with agreed-upon metrics
    • Optimising: openness management includes deliberate principle/process/practice optimization/improvement.
  3. Review achievement of outputs against initial KPIs in the OERu Strategic Plan.
  4. Review the 2015 OERu institutional action plan (IAP) process implemented for the first time.
  5. Consider guidelines for nominating courses drawing on data from the OERu Input Evaluation Survey (see results for Q14).
  6. Develop recommendations for promoting effective partner engagement.

Time Details
OERu operations and promoting effective collaboration

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
30 mins

  1. Reflection on progress of our consolidation year – Wayne Mackintosh (10 mins)
    • Situate OERu development within maturity model thinking
    • Summary of 2015 outputs measured against KPIs in the strategic plan
    • Reference input evaluation data for course nomination considerations (Q14) and barriers to restricting participation (Q25)
    • Highlight growth in working group participation and corresponding challenges.
  2. Exemplar Institution Action Plan consultation – Rachel Prinsloo, Unisa (10 mins)

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Proposals for action drawing on authentic experience

45 mins
Participants self-select to work in one of the groups identified below to develop proposals for action to improve OERu operations drawing on our experiences to date.

  1. Group 1: Improving the IAP process – Rachel Prinsloo
  2. Group 2: Improving the course nomination process – Sarah Lambert
  3. Group 3: Promoting effective open collaboration – Irwin DeVries
  4. Group 4: Virtual participant group – Brian Lamb

Group 1  |  Group 2  |  Group 3  |  Virtual participant group  |  Issues4CEOs
Help for virtual participants

3:00PM3:30PM Report back on proposals for action to improve OERu operations

Facilitator: Martin Oosthuizen, North-West University
30 mins
3 groups plus one virtual group report back (7 minutes each)
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3:30PM4:00PM Tea / coffee

30 mins