The objectives of this session are to:

  • Update new members of the OERu family
  • Review the 2015 Annual Reports of the OERu working groups
  • Conduct a critical friend review of OERu operations and corresponding progress to inform recalibration of the “evergreen” strategic plan.
  • Identify meeting priorities.

Time Details
11:15AM12:15PM 2015 Annual reports of OERuMC and working groups

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
60 mins
Conveners of the OERu working groups present their 2015 annual report and recommendations for 2016. (Maximum of 6 mins per report)

  1. OERu Management Committee, Wayne Mackintosh, OERF
  2. Strategic planning, Wayne Mackintosh for Jim Taylor, University of Southern Queensland.
  3. Partner engagement, Irwin DeVries, Thompson Rivers University
  4. Course approval and quality, Sarah Lambert, University of Wollongong
  5. Technology, Brian Lamb, Thompson Rivers University
  6. Standing Committee for Credit Transfer, Marc Singer, Thomas Edison State College
  7. Curriculum and programme of study, Wayne Mackintosh for David Bull, University of Southern Queensland.
  8. Marketing and communications, Wayne Mackintosh, OERF

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Critical friend review, priorities and issues

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
30 mins
Participants randomly assigned to 4 groups plus one virtual group and tasked to:

  • Identify what the OERu has done well
  • Identify areas where the OERu can improve
  • Agree the top 3 priorities this meeting should address
  • List any issues you would like to be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting.

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Group 1  |  Group 2  |  Group 3  |  Group 4  |  Virtual participant group  |  Issues4CEOs
Help for virtual participants

12:45PM1:15PM Report back on critical friend review and meeting priorities

Facilitator: Rassie Louw, North-West University
30 mins
4 groups plus one virtual group report back (5 minutes each)
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1:15PM1:45PM Lunch break

30 mins