Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield UK
Why do you buy the things you do? How did you decide to go to the college you’re attending? Where do like to shop and when? Do your friends shop at the same places or different places? Do you buy the same brands multiple times or eat at the same restaurants frequently?

Marketing professionals that have the answers to those questions will have a much better chance of creating, communicating about, and delivering value-added products and services that you and people like you will want to buy. That’s what the study of consumer behavior is all about. Consumer behavior considers the many reasons—personal, situational, psychological, and social—why people shop for products, buy and use them, sometimes become loyal customers, and then dispose of them.



Customer psychology

  1. Read this chapter, which provides an overview of how people make buying decisions. It specifically discusses consumers’ decision-making process and examines the situational, personal, psychological, and societal factors that influence their buying decisions.
  2. Choose one of the factors discussed in the chapter and post a WEnote about how this has affected buying behaviour. For example:
    • British culture: Baby clothes are all blue or all pink at the moment.
    • Social class: A man in oily overalls was incensed that the Lexus salesman seemed disinterested in selling him a car.

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