Learning outcome actions

  1. Publish a post on your blog sharing your rationale about assessing customer behaviour for the Ultimate Standing Desk.
  2. Your blog post must include:
    • A description for the ideal (representative) customer within each of three target markets. (If you have already done the learning challenges for Core foundations of marketing (PMKT101), you should use the same target markets that you identified there). Explain in detail who the ideal customer is, their influences and motivations for choosing this product, and where they are likely to purchase it.
      • Target Market 1 – 250-300 words
      • Target Market 2 – 250-300 words
      • Target Market 3 – 250-300 words
    • Add category or tag for your post using the course tag (PMKT102). (See how to add a tag in WordPress.)
  3. Register your blog post on the Learning challenge register so others can find your post.
  4. Provide substantive, relevant comments on two (2) of your course peers’ / colleagues’ blog posts. A substantive comment is at least four sentences that evidence your knowledge and experience in relation to another person’s post.