1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Aims of the meeting
  3. Review of the Terms of reference and office bearers.
  4. Decision proposals
    1. Launch the OERu MVP 1st year of study – 15 March 2016 including:
      • Due diligence steps
      • Course outline templates for academic course review and bilateral credit transfer and articulation agreements for nominated MVP exit awards
    2. Establish and implement the OERu Ambassadors initiative based on guidelines proposed during the partner’s meeting
    3. Progress the implementation of the staff development proposals
    4. Renew call for partner representation on the OERu technology working group.
    5. Reconfigure proposal for OERu Academic Board into a Programme Advisory Group based on notes from partner’s meeting.
    6. Progress implementation of Academic Volunteers International and related student support recommendations.
    7. Initiate consultation on the OERu Strategic Plan 2018 – 2020 drawing on the strategic goal recommendations from the meeting to be tabled at the 6th International Meeting of OERu partners.
    8. Technology roadmap:
      • Implement SSO as priority
      • Progress Open Badge Backpack (“blockchain-ready”) as shared service for OERu partners
      • Consider authoring and course site publishing alternatives drawing on the MVP experience
      • Create an open, safe place for partner representatives to express technology needs and get feedback on open source tool options.
  5. Issues tabled for CEOs meeting
    1. Partner recruitment
      • Improve geographical representation – How can existing partners assist?
      • Validate and communicate costs, benefits and advantages
    2. Learner recruitment
    3. Articulate what OERu success looks like for partners represented at the CEOs meeting
    4. Clarify the longer term goal (Full degree? Other?)
    5. Accelerate limited scope pilots by small group of partners (Eg Open boundary course pilot (LiDa), Other?)
    6. Partner cost / budget implications. Crowd funding for shared projects?
    7. Research / evaluation
    8. Consider balance regarding work on architecture / work on product
    9. Risk register (what are our risks?)