Digital skills for collaborative OER development is a free micro Open Online Course (mOOC) designed for educators who want to learn more about open education resources and practices. This course will help you to:

  1. Acquire and demonstrate digital skills for open and cooperative design, development and publishing of an OER course site on the open web.
  2. Use social media technologies to support your learning.
  3. Connect with educators around the world to share thoughts and experiences and to establish and build professional networks.


Learning outcomes

  1. Develop basic wiki skills for cooperative development of OER.
  2. Develop a course description suitable for publishing information about a prospective course on the web.
  3. Design and publish a storyboard for an OER learning pathway using online digital tools.
  4. Design and publish an open design course blueprint.
  5. Search, find, adapt, remix and legally share openly licensed images.
  6. Search, find, adapt, remix and legally share openly licensed rich media (for example, audio and video).
  7. Sequence and chunk information for publishing an OER learning pathway.
  8. Develop online learning materials reusing and remixing existing OER.
  9. Integrate pedagogical elements into OER course materials.
  10. Use social media tools for peer learning and support.
  11. Publish two learning pathways as part of a course website on the open web.