A key feature of the DS4OER course is to provide learners with the opportunity to use and develop digital skills for hosting their own course sites.

Designing for reuse across multiple delivery platforms

There are many alternatives for developing and hosting your own course materials including learning management systems and content management systems which are hosted by your institution or other third party service providers. However, in DS4OER we would like learners to experience how materials authored openly in a wiki can be transformed for hosting your own course site outside of the conventional learning management system. In open design, where reuse is a high priority, it is important to consider reuse of OER across different delivery platforms. For this reason, we hope to provide an authentic experience of developing materials outside of the platform which will be used for delivery.



The overall aim of this learning pathway is to publish the learning materials you developed in the wiki on your own WordPress installation. In this learning pathway you will:

  1. Install your own WordPress content management system in the cloud
  2. Initiate a web service to convert your individual wiki pages in your course outline for publishing on your WordPress site.