A distinctive feature of this course is the inclusion of a number of “hands on” and “learn-by-doing” learning challenges.



A learning challenge is a substantive e-learning activity where learners are invited to:

  • Create an artefact, and/or
  • Demonstrate digital skills, and
  • Share their experiences and reflections with fellow learners.

The learning challenges are designed to provide scaffolding and the corresponding skills development needed for successful completion of the course outcomes. The learning challenges are optional for learners participating for self-interest but are valuable in developing your open design skills. The artefacts produced can be reused and improved for inclusion in the final assignment of this course for learners seeking formal academic credit. Learners share their experiences by posting on their course blogs.

key points

Key points

Each learning challenge is divided into three component parts:

  1. Start section: which provides a summary, a purpose statement and stimulus resource links to help you get started with your learning challenge.
  2. Tasks section: which provides detailed step-by-step instructions of the task activities needed to achieve the outputs.
  3. Outputs section: which provides the learning outcome actions to demonstrate what you were able to achieve with your learning challenge. In our open courses we encourage participants to share what they create through their personal blogs.

Summary of learning challenges in this course

There are 12 learning challenges integrated into this course. Note that learning challenges 6 – 9 can be completed at any time during the course, or you may choose to complete these during the digital skills block of the course.

We encourage all participants to visit the register of learning challenges and record their submissions. This is important for sharing your work with the community.

Learning challenge Description
0. Declare yourself Create a course blog and introduce yourself to via a blog post.

1. Wiki skills

Demonstrate wiki skills by publishing a personal user page on WikiEducator incorporating a number of text formatting features, links and images.
Learning outcomes: 1.

2. Course description

Draft a public course description intended for prospective learners.
Learning outcomes: 2.

3. Design blueprint

Publish a high level course design blueprint to guide the development of the OER learning pathway you will develop for this course.
Learning outcomes: 4.

4. Storyboard

Design and share a storyboard for two learning pathways (topics or concepts) you will be developing for this course.
Learning outcomes: 3.

5. Course outline

Design and publish a course outline for two learning pathways in WikiEducator.
Learning outcomes: 7.

6. Find and publish open images

Find, attribute, share, and embed open images online.
Learning outcomes: 5.

7. Diagram remix

Use an open source technology to remix and publish a chart or diagram for your course.
Learning outcomes: 5.

8. Video remix

Plan, create and share a video remix.
Learning outcomes: 6.

9. Pedagogical templates

Demonstrate wiki skills for formatting pedagogical elements, for example objectives, case studies and activities.
Learning outcomes: 9.

10. OER inventory

Compile an inventory of OER for possible reuse, adaptation or remix.
Learning outcomes: 5, 6 & 8.

11. Develop learning pathways

Openly develop course materials for two learning pathways in WikiEducator.
Learning outcomes: 7, 8 & 9.

12. Publish course site

Publish OER learning materials on an open web site.
Learning outcomes: 11.