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Now we are going to look at some real examples of business presentations. This will give us an opportunity to review what we have learnt about effective presenting, and see how those practices and techniques can be used in real life.

web resources

Resource bank activity

  • Search the internet for a video (between 5 and 15 minutes long) that you think is a good example of an effective presentation.
    • Ideally, this will be a presentation by an entrepreneur giving a ‘pitch’ about their start-up business, but similar examples from a business context, such as presentations about new products, ideas, or research, can also be useful to identify the components of an effective business presentation.
  • Add a link to this video in the Resource Bank.

(If you are not able to access videos because of limited internet access, you can add an example of an effective slide deck that you have found instead.)

The resource bank is hosted at The system uses tags to search for related resources. Log in and vote for resources you find useful. Please use the following tags for this activity:
Required tags: : ient102a5-1, ient102
Suggested tags: : business presentations, presentations, (or other descriptive tag(s))
Quicklink: : ient102a5-1


Learning journal blog activity

For the presentation video you have chosen, think about the presenter’s use of the “three I’s” mentioned in the Video signpost.

  • How does the presenter inform, influence, and inspire?
  • What goal do you think they started out with?

Make some notes about this in your learning journal, along with a link to the video.

Remember to tag or label your post using the course code: IENT102 (This is needed to harvest a link to your blog post in the course feed.)