1. Watch one of the business presentations included in the resource bank or the stimulus resources, or another one that you have found.
  2. Reflecting on what you have learnt in this learning pathway, write a 400-450 word evaluation of the presentation.
    • Refer to:
      • Structure and organisation
      • Choice of content
      • Visual design
      • Techniques used to build trust
  3. Finish with a conclusion assessing how effective you thought the presentation was and why.
  • You should identify both positive and negative aspects of the presentation, but remember to write respectfully and use professional language. If you identify an aspect of the presentation which you think the presenter could have handled better, make a positive suggestion for improvement.
  • You are not expected to evaluate the business idea itself, just the quality of the presentation.

Note: if you are unable to view videos because of limited access to the internet, you may write about a slide deck that you have found instead.