Choosing software for your project

The best way to learn how to apply the project management methodology is by doing a project. Therefore, we will guide you on how to select your own project in the first learning pathway of the course.

Each sub-phase of the project management process will generate different outputs, for example a:

  • project charter
  • project scope
  • project budget
  • Gantt chart
  • risk register
  • quality management plan etc.

There are many software tools which can be used to produce these outputs, ranging from sophisticated desktop applications for project management and online project management services to more simple approaches using a word processor and spreadsheets. You can even write out a project plan by hand.

The only requirement for assessment is the ability to produce a print version of your learning outputs in portable document format (PDF). If you are planning to use software tools, please check that you can produce a PDF version. Note that handwritten outputs can be scanned and saved in pdf format.

Our primary aim is to help you to learn and practise the application of the project management methodology, rather than the use of specific tools. Consequently, in this course, we do not prescribe any software tools for you to use. Moreover, as an open online course, you are not obligated to incur any cost for the purchase of licenses for proprietary software or commercially hosted online project management services. Should you decide to use software tools, we also provide learners with free and opensource software alternatives for you to consider.

Examples of project management software