Session Title
Session 1 Introduction to media literacy
Session 2 Mass media
Session 3 Web literacy for fact checking
Session 4 Create media

Introduction to media literacy

Title Type
Time spent online (Spot poll) Activity
Why is media literacy important to you? (Forum) Activity
Compare contemporary definitions of media literacy (Blog) Activity
Evaluate press release (Blog) Learning challenge
Introduction to media literacy (Quiz) Knowledge test

Mass media

Title Type
Media and power dynamics (Comment) Activity
The medium is the message (Annotation) Activity
Manufacturing consent (Annotation) Activity
Citizen journalism (Case study and spot poll) Activity
Social media, internet, and society (Blog) Mini challenge
Fake news (Quiz) Activity
Topical news challenge (Blog) Learning challenge
Mass media (Quiz) Knowledge test

Web literacy for fact checking

Title Type
What characterises an accomplished web reader? (Comment) Activity
Reliability of Wikipedia (Comment) Activity
Trace viral photos upstream (Comment) Activity
Evaluate a site – Reading laterally (Blog) Activity
Twitter user identity (Comment) Activity
History of the web (Comment) Activity
Practice fact-checking skills (Case studies) Activity
Complete fact-checking challenge Learning challenge
Web literacy (Quiz) Knowledge test

Create media

Title Type
Diagram remix (Blog) Mini challenge
Create animated GIF (Blog) Mini challenge
Create web-based slideshow (Social media) Mini challenge
Record and mix audio (Practicum) Mini challenge
Create media (Quiz) Knowledge test