The ability to create media is a key component of the definition of media literacy. In this learning pathway, we focus on developing digital skills for different media modalities in preparation for creating a multimodal presentation.

The create media learning pathway is assembled as a progression from simple to more complex objectives that will enable you to:

  1. Create static images (remixing scalable vector graphics to produce a diagram)
  2. Create moving images assembled from static images (GIF animation for visual interest or explanation of a concept)
  3. Generate a sequence of static and moving images for a web-based presentation (using the Reveal.js framework for online presentations)
  4. Record and remix audio (generating an audio file from multiple tracks for inclusion in a video)

These component skills will enable you to assemble and remix a multimodal online presentation.



On successful completion of this learning pathway you will be able to:

  • Generate a diagram by remixing openly licensed scalable vector graphics resources for inclusion in your multimedia presentation
  • Produce an animated GIF from a sequence of static image file frames
  • Produce and share an online presentation (without audio) using web-based technologies.
  • Generate an audio file from multiple audio tracks.