Session Dates
Session 0 Independent study before the course starts
Session 1 Wednesday 13 to Thursday 14 June 2018
Session 2 Friday 15 to Monday 18 June 2018
Session 3 Tuesday 19 to Thursday 21 June 2018
Session 4 Friday 22 to Wednesday 27 June 2018

Session 0



Familiarise yourself with the course site and establish your personal learning environment.

Session 1


Introduction to media literacy

Define media literacy and critically analyse a media release.

Session 2


Mass media

Analyse how the medium and publisher influences the message in mass media.

Session 3


Web literacy for fact-checking

Apply critical media literacies to assess, analyse, and evaluate the reliability of reporting of information on the web

Session 4


Create media

Develop digital skills to create media for visual and multimodal presentation in support of learning.

  • Dates: Friday 22 to Wednesday 27 June 2018
  • Learning materials:
    1. Create media
  • Key activities:
    1. Work through the learning materials for this learning pathway
    2. Generate a diagram by remixing openly licensed scalable vector graphics resources for use in your multimodal presentation.
    3. Produce an animated GIF from a sequence of static image file frames.
    4. Generate an HTML slideshow.
    5. Record and mix audio.
    6. Commence work on assignment to produce multimodal presentation.