1. Choose a topical news item from the last 6 months in your country that was widely reported across different. Select a report of the issue from each of the following:
    • Broadcast television news
    • Radio news
    • Hard copy newspaper
    • Online news report
    • A few social media references (e.g. blog posts, Tweets, Facebook posts)
  2. When selecting your news item check to see if the broadcaster keeps on-demand recordings of the reports.
  3. Compare and contrast the reports from the different sources.
    • Does the reporting angle differ? Why?
    • Do the same issues re-occur consistently across the reports? Why?
  4. Read laterally
    • Who owns and controls the media source?
    • Can you determine the circulation / market penetration of the publisher?
    • Investigate the digital footprint of the reporter / author
    • Who is the target audience of the publisher?
    • Review public comments of online sources if enabled on the respective site.
  5. Investigate social media coverage of the news item – note trends and themes.