The first strategy for checking a fact, quotation or article is to look for previous work. In this section we explore tactics to find out if the fact checking work has been done by someone else.


Investigate the source

Before you invest too much time in reading the online resource, Mike recommends that you should investigate the source.

Have you encountered false information from a questionable source? Do you think Wikipedia can be used for fact-checking about an organisation?

web resources

Reliability of Wikipedia

Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopaedia is edited by community volunteers, anyone is free to contribute. Many universities and academics distrust Wikipedia, yet it is one of the most popular reference sites in the world. So should we trust Wikipedia? Watch this short interview with Katherine Maher, the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation who oversee Wikipedia.

Read the following articles:

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Look for previous work

Read part 2, Look for previous work, of Caulfield, M. A. (2017). Web Literacy for Student Fact-Checkers. Part 2 focuses on: