1. Choose a topical news item or issue of interest. Your Facebook or Twitter feed is a good place to start, or use Using Buzzmo.
  2. Search the blog sphere for a suitable post for fact-checking using blogsearchengine.org or blogsearch.google.com. For the purposes of this challenge:
    • Assertions claiming some “fact” are good candidates for this exercise.
    • Choose a source you are not familiar with, that is, avoid posts from national newspapers of record.
    • Don’t select the first item from the search list, review a few posts to find something interesting and suitable for fact-checking analysis.
  3. Restate the issue in the form of a question, for example:
    • Do speed cameras reduce the crash rate?
    • Is it better to go to university or college?
    • Are e-cigarettes as harmful as smoking tobacco?
    • Does red wine compound kill colon cancer?
    • Will drinking coffee make you live longer?
  4. Apply the four fact-checking moves covered in this learning pathway to evaluate the post (i.e. check for previous work, go upstream, read laterally and circle back if required).