The position of a product is a strategic management decision that determines the place a product should occupy in a given market.[1]

A product or idea can be positioned by:

  • attributes– Crest is a cavity fighter
  • price – Sears is the “value” store
  • competitors – Avis positions itself against Hertz
  • application – Gatorade is for after exercising
  • product user – Miller is for the blue-collar, heavy beer drinker
  • product class – Carnation Instant Breakfast is a breakfast food
  • services provided – Circuit City backs up all its products

—John Burnett



  1. Read this extract from Core Concepts of Marketing by John Burnett: Product positioning (p.212-213) (pdf)
  2. Post a WEnote to give three examples of positioning (make three posts), and read the posts from others on the Course Feed page. For example:
    • 1 Colgate Sensitive relieves sensitive teeth – attribute.
    • 2 Powerade is for after exercising – application.
    • 3 Maui positions itself against Jucy – competitors.

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  1. Burnett, J., Core Concepts of Marketing, p.212