For this subject, we recommend two types of resources: Academic sources for research articles, and subject material sources.

  • Google Scholar offers access to many full-text academic publications.
  • The UOW library guide groups a lot of databases relevant for social, international, and political sciences.
    • Note: Only enrolled UOW students can access these databases.
  • A list of open access journals of international studies and political science may be useful too.
    • Did you know? Most public libraries have access to many academic journals online! It may be time for you to become a member.
  • You may find an article or a publication, and wonder how to evaluate their quality. Guidelines for evaluating publication’s quality can be found here.
International studies Multidisciplinary
London School of Economics Research Online CORE (Connecting Repositories)
SSOAR – Social Sciences Open Access Repository OAIster search via Worldcat
SSRN – Social Sciences Research Network OpenDOAR
Political Science Commons BASE (Bielefeld Academic Search Engine)
DOAJ Social Sciences Journals

Subject sources

Topic Area Bibliography Notes URL
Ethics Paul Price, (year), Section 3.3 Ethics in Practice Research ;

accessed on 17/03/2015

Begins strongly geared toward psychologists, but from the second heading onwards reviews useful considerations of social research. Link


The research processes Amy Blackstone, 2012, 2.3 Inductive or Deductive? Two different approaches From Amy Blackstone, 2012, Sociological Inquiry Principles: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Link
Literature review and research process, “Research methods in political science”, Unit 2 A whole chapter on using literature and theory in research, advised 4 hrs long Link
Research questions and objectives Paul Price, (year), Section 2.2 Generating good research questions;

accessed on 17/03/2015

Describes the process of generating good research questions, and ways to evaluate them Link


Research methodology and design Bhattacherjee, Anol 2012, Social Science Research: Principles, Methods, and Practices Ch. 5 – 8 (p. 35-72) provide an overview on research methodologies and designs Book
Research methodology and design Amy Blackstone, 2012, Sec 2.1 Research design approaches From Amy Blackstone, 2012, Sociological Inquiry Principles: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Sec 2.1
Quantitative methods John L. Korey, 2013 Using SPSS in political science Link
Quantitative methods Open Learning Initiative, 2012 Statistics introductory course Statistical_Reasoning


Qualitative methods Amy Blackstone, 2012, Ch. 9 (Interviews), Ch. 10 (Field research), Ch 12 (Other methods) From Amy Blackstone, 2012, Sociological Inquiry Principles: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Ch_9


Reporting research Paul Price, (year), Chapter 11 Research presentation and reporting  ;

accessed on 17/03/2015

Psychology, American, APA style, but also research report, article style & structure Link


Using Microsoft Word for writing and editing – General instructions WikiBooks, 2013, Accesses 01/04/2015 Useful concepts in Microsoft Word, how to use them, and what for.

Good for students not familiar / inexperienced

Proposal writing Pavel Zemliansky, 2008 “Methods of Discovery: A Guide to Research Writing” A long and detailed book on the process of academic writing. Busts many myths, provides many practical steps. At times too long and wordy. Book