Subject material reused from various OER sources, as acknowledged on each page.

In the pathways Theory types, Basics of research design, Statistics:Varieties of data, Statistics:How to measure, Descriptive statistics, and Presenting categorical data original materials sourced from Prof. John Korey, as approved by a personal email as follows:

On Dec 27, 2015:

I, John L Korey, the copyright holder of the material on the website known as Introduction to Research Methods in Political Science: The POWERMUTT Project, located at – give permission to the University of Wollongong and the Open Education Resource Foundation to re-use (with attribution) any of the material contained on my website for the purposes of offering free to access, not-for-profit open education courses to the international community accessed. I understand these courses will be offered via the website, and I give my permission for the re-use of my material for as long as the OER Foundation exists and/or the OERu offers courses.

On Jan 19, 2016:

In addition to my previous email granting permission to re-use my material from website I also grant the University of Wollongong the right to re-licence their version of it (“derivative work”) under the latest version of the CC-BY-SA licence.