Facilitator: Dr. Brian Yecies

Dr Brian Yecies, Research Methods and Design lecturer

Faculty of Law, Humanities, and Arts, University of Wollongong

Brian’s research interests include: global popular culture audiences in China, contemporary Asian film genres and industry trends; the history of Hollywood in Asia; the coming of sound (1893-1937) to Austral-Asia; film and cultural policy in colonial Korea; the digital wave in China and South Korea’s cultural industries. His cutting edge research methods include use of open access social media and big data analytics.

Program coordinator: Dr. Susan Engel

Dr Susan Engel, Discipline Leader of Politics and International studies

Program coordinator, Faculty of Law, Humanities, and Arts, University of Wollongong

Susan is the Discipline Leader of Politics and International studies and she lectures in the areas development, international studies, global politics and international political economy. Her research interests are broadly in the area of international political economy, specifically development theory and practices, aid and food. She has a strong interest in Southeast Asia, which is the area of her book with Routledge: The World Bank and the Post-Washington Consensus in Vietnam and Indonesia: Inheritance of Loss (2010).Susan worked in the government, community, and aid sectors before becoming an academic and she continues to play an active role in issues of aid and development through advocacy work. Since 2002, she has been a board member of Indigo Foundation; a small, not-for-profit organisation funding community development projects in developing countries.

Subject developer: Dr. Irit Alony

Dr Irit Alony, Research Methods and design Course developer

Open Education, Learning Teaching and Curriculum, University of Wollongong

Irit has qualifications and research experience in the fields of Business and Information Systems, and has broad experience in educating, and educational technologies. Research areas include:- Employee turnover understanding and prediction (PhD); Emotions in inter-personal communication in the workplace (PhD); Decision making: biases, strategies, and mechanisms (Masters by Research); Organisational change and culture change (Masters by Research);
Irit specialises in qualitative data analysis, and have gained knowledge of quantitative analysis (SEM, SPSS).

Online course design and Project management: Ms. Sarah Lambert

Ms Sarah Lambert, Open Education manager

Open Education, Learning Teaching and Curriculum, University of Wollongong

Sarah Lambert is a researcher and practitioner of educational technologies specialising in open and online education. She is currently the Manager of Open Education and is the University Of Wollongong’s representative to the Open Education Resource University (OERu). Sarah has many years of university teaching and curriculum design experience in the Design and Marketing fields at both UTS and UOW. During her time teaching at University she has worked with innovative teaching technologies and has a particular area of expertise in Web 2.0 and social media tools for teaching, syncronous and asyncromous communication tools for teaching, and ePortfolios.

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