Introduction to research

Boxcars, Rialto, California, Sunset

Welcome to Module One! This module will provide an introduction to the subject, to research, and your way to success.

All modules in this course will adopt the same format, to help you easily navigate your way through. First, there will be a coloured box, which will identify the things you need to do to complete the module, followed by extension activities you may also choose to do to complete the module.

Below the box, each activity, or a link to each activity, will be presented in the same order as it appears in the box, so you can simply work your way down the page to complete each module. If you are confused at any point, return to the box to reorient yourself and remind yourself of your progress, and what you may still need to do to complete the module.



In this module, you will identify an area or topic to research and begin the planning process. At the end of this module you should:

  • Understand and describe the ethical implications of your research
  • Understand the research process and how to choose a research topic
  • Draft your research question(s)
  • Form and join a students’ research centre
  • Consider the ethical dimension to research, particularly in your area
  • Share your progress
  • Know how to evaluate research questions

  • Complete Unit One: Set up your media tools
  • Complete Activity Two: Read the Course Outline to ensure you have an understanding of the course as a whole and read the Assessment section of the website to ensure you understand how assessment for the subject will proceed.
  • Complete Activity Three: Considering the ethical dimensions
  • Complete Activity Four: Finding a research topic
  • Complete Activity Five: Generate research questions
  • Complete Activity Six: Evaluate research questions