The objectives of this session are to:

  • Plan the establishment of the OERu Academic Board
  • Improve learner support through Academic Volunteers International
  • Determine 2017 operational priorities and corresponding KPIs

Time Details
2017 operational priorities

Facilitator: Wayne Mackintosh
15 mins

  • Overview of the evegreen strategic planning process
  • Identify division of groups for the breakout session
    1. Goal 1: Develop a coherent programme of study (Establish OERu Academic Board)
    2. Goal 2: Improve processes for efficient OERu operations at scale (Learner support issues, scalable pedagogies)
    3. Determine 2017 operational priorities

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Academic Board (Draft TORS)  |  Strategic Plan 2015-2017  |  2016 KPIs  |  AVI concept  |  AVI User stories

Decisions for action

60 mins
Participants self-select to work in one of the groups identified below to develop proposals for action focusing on operational priorities for 2017 drawing on our experiences to date.

  1. Group 1: Plan establishment of OERu Academic Board – Cindy Ives
  2. Group 2: Improve OERu learner support via Academic Volunteers International and supporting resources – Irwin DeVries
  3. Group 3: Determine 2017 operational priorities and corresponding KPIs – Wayne Mackintosh
  4. Virtual group – Brian Lamb (Rapporteur)

Group 1  |  Group 2  |  Group 3  |  Virtual participant group  |  Issues4CEOs

12:45PM1:30PM Lunch

45 mins

1:30PM2:00PM Report back on 2017 operational priorities

Facilitator: Andy Brown, University of the Highlands and Islands
30 mins
3 groups plus one virtual group report back (5 minutes each)
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