Learning outcome actions

  1. Prepare and publish your user page in WikiEducator. Introduce yourself to the community and share your interests. (Visit the pages of past User Page Expo recipients for ideas.) Your user page must contain the following elements demonstrating your wiki skills (see previous Tasks page for instructions):
    • Bold and italics text
    • A numbered or bullet list (with indented sub-bullets)
    • Headings and subheadings
    • Web links
    • Personal photograph properly attributed with licensing information.
  2. Publish a short blog post of about 150 words which links to your user page in WikiEducator where you reflect on your experience of this learning challenge. What advice can you provide for others taking the wiki skills challenge?
    • Remember to apply the “ds4oer” tag to your post—called a label in blogger. (This is needed for harvesting your post in the course feed.)