You should review your outline page before running the snapshot script described in the course site challenge to avoid common errors. The script can take a few minutes to complete the process and we recommend that you check your outline page to avoid unnecessary reruns.

Things you should know

  1. Individual pages contained in your course outline will function as internal links in the course snapshot and can therefore use the wiki text for internal links (i.e. without the prefix). However, if a page in your course outline uses an internal wiki link to a WikiEducator page which is not included in the course outline, the link will not work in the snapshot. Check to see that all links to pages in WikiEducator which are not included in the outline use the external link syntax (i.e. with the prefix).
  2. The text for the snapshot site navigation is generated from the link label (called a “pipe” in the wiki). Check to see that you do not use long strings for labels as these will not work well in the site navigation.
  3. Avoid using punctuation and restricted characters which have special meaning in page urls within your labels because this will cause problems with the next and previous page buttons which are inserted automatically in the snapshot. (For example, avoid using the following characters in your page labels: ?, &, +, ‘ ” \ |).
  4. Always make changes to your source pages in the wiki. Don’t edit or make changes in your WordPress site because these edits will not be preserved when rerunning the script. The script will delete all previous pages in WordPress when updating the pages from the wiki.


  1. Check that the first bullet in your outline contains the text for your landing page. The first link in the outline is reserved for the course landing page or homepage on your course site.
  2. Bullets in the outline which have sub-bullets (children) should not be links. Check to see that only bullets which don’t have children are links in the outline. This related to how items behave in the navigation when the user selects a menu option.