Putting it all together

During this micro-course, you have been introduced to six fundamental concepts that inform aspects of a project plan. Each of these elements (resources, time, budget, quality, procurement, and risk) combine to create your overall project plan. There are some dependencies between them. For example, the range of resources required impacts on the budgets, and the procurement process. So while you have created plans for these separately, your project plan needs to join these together into a coherent story. In other words, the separate plans are in reality sections of your overall plan and must be presented as a whole.

This is the final step in the planning process, assembling each of your sections and ensuring that there is internal consistency between the elements.

For your project, each of the plans you created throughout the learning challenges, need to be combined to provide your overall road map to project success

Consult the assessment rubric to determine the structure of your project plan and output requirements for a passing grade.