In this activity, you will work out the resources required for each task in your own project. You can draw on a range of the techniques to estimate resources required and duration of activities. At this stage, all that is required is what you need. When you look at time and scheduling, we can integrate what you need with when it is or is not available.

  1. Based on the project you have selected, create a table showing the individual tasks required in the project and the resources required to complete them.
    • This is always a ‘best estimate’ at this point in planning.
    • You should assume that this list will change as you work through the three learning paths.
    • For example, you may at this point plan to use your own staff to do a job, but when you look at quality, you may need to contract more specialised staff to complete it to requirements.
  2. Use a table similar to this to compile your resource requirements:

Project Name – Project Manager
Task Name Staff required Hours of work Facilities Equipment Other

Marking Rubric

Use the rubric below to work out if you have done a good job. This is the same rubric that will be used to mark your assessment if you choose to be formally assessed.

Criteria Marks
The list of resources required is detailed and comprehensive.
The range of different types of resources includes all that are required.
The specific quantities of all resources are identified.
The list of resources includes enough detail to estimate the resources required.
Some types of resources that are relevant may be missing.
An indication of the amount of resources required is provided.
The list of resources appears to be incomplete with some areas missing,
not all resource types described, and some quantities not specified.