Session Dates
Session 0 Independent study before the course starts
Session 1 Thursday 5 and Friday 6 April 2018
Session 2 Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 April 2018
Session 3 Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 April 2018
Session 4 Friday 13 and Monday 16 April 2018
Session 5 Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 April 2018

Session 0



Familiarise yourself with the course site and establish your personal learning environment.

Session 1


Digital citizenship

Define what digital citizenship means for you in the context of learning in a digital age.

Session 2


Online identify for learning

Review your existing online identity and commence work on improving your digital footprint for learning and the workplace.

Session 3


Digital environments

Apply good online practices for health and safety, privacy, security, and the review of terms of service of the online spaces you use.

Session 4


Digital practices in the workplace

Review how professionals in your field of interest network online and consider how change with technology will impact on practices in the workplace

Session 5


Societal issues and the internet

Gain an understanding of societal issues and problematic online behaviours and publish an editorial contributing to your online identity