Digital environments refer to the tools and online spaces we use to interact with each other. With reference to digital citizenship this includes: health and safety, privacy and security and your skills in reviewing the terms of service of the online spaces you use.



On successful completion of this learning pathway, you will be able to:

  • Identify the factors which can contribute to physical discomfort, visual discomfort, stress and fatigue when using computers.
  • Apply good online hygiene practices to ensure your privacy and security in digital environments.
  • Discuss the impact of digital rights management.
  • Compare and contrast on-line communities with off-line communities and consider the implications of the research on how to engage successfully with online communities.
  • Critically evaluate an online tool of your choice with due consideration of the business context, terms of service and suitability of the tool for the intended purpose.
  • Publish a reliable product review of an online tool of your choice.
  • Build and improve your online identity for tertiary study.