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However, when we use the web now, when we use it with students, and when we ask students to engage online, we must always ask: What are we signing them up for?

—Chris Gilliard, in Educause Review[1]


Challenge summary

Summary: Critically evaluate an online tool[2]
1,5 to 2 hours (Depending on prior knowledge)

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Stimulus resources

In this challenge, you are invited to critically evaluate an online tool. Please select any online tool, or choose one from the list below.

Examples of software as service

What tool did you select? Let us know by posting a comment on WENotes sharing the name of the tool you selected and why.

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The purpose of this learning challenge is to

  • Improve your skills in becoming a critical consumer of web tools
  • Publish a critical product review for an online tool of your choice.


  1. Gilliard, C. (2017). Pedagogy and the Logic of Platforms. Retrieved July 5, 2017.
  2. Inspired by activity assembled by Jesse Stommel for the Digital Studies 101 course at the University of Mary Washington