Preknowledge for completing digital skills learning challenges

Prerequisites for success

This section of the course comprises a number of learning challenges designed to refine and augment your digital skills for cooperative OER development. We have adopted a learn-by-doing approach in this course. You will assemble and build resources and artefacts for inclusion in your course and share these publicly with your fellow learners for feedback and suggestions for improvement, modelling an open design approach. In open education, it is better to assemble courses from existing OER materials or improve on open resources you find rather than building a course from scratch.

Your level of success in completing these learning challenges will be improved by the following prerequisite knowledge:

  • The compatibility of different Creative Commons licenses when remixing OER and how this interacts with your preferred license for releasing your derivative works.
  • Refining your online search skills to find OER
  • Familiarising yourself with the popular repositories for different types of digital resources.

In this preknowledge section, we will support you in getting up to speed for successful completion of the digital skill learning challenges.