Not all Creative Commons licenses are the same – exploring remix and license compatibility

When searching for materials to reuse and remix for your project, it is important to consider which of the six Creative Commons licenses were applied to the source materials.

The Orange Grove Repository has published a video summarising how to create OER and combine different Creative Commons licenses. Part 2 of this video summarises which licenses are compatible and which are not for remixing purposes. (You will be linked directly to Part 2, at 4:21, when you click on the video link).

Searching for OER with compatible Creative Commons license types involves the interplay among:

  1. The Creative Commons license the author would like to apply for release of the derivative work.
  2. The legal requirements and permissions of the license type of the materials sourced for the remix.
  3. The terms of reference or community values and policies of the site you choose for hosting your course materials.

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